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Webinar Funnel

This funnel is ideal when the price point for the product is very high and/or a high level of education is required.

Example industries included SAAS, High-end educational/coaching courses, new-to-market products, any service where a live demonstration would be effective.

This package includes:

  • Facebook ad
  • Webinar registration page
  • Thank you page
  • Confirmation email
  • “Pre-framing” email #1
  • “Pre-framing” email #2
  • Attendance reminder email 1 day before
  • Attendance reminder emails day of webinar
  • Attendance reminder emails 1 hour before webinar
  • Live Webinar page
  • Live Webinar script (optional-additional)
  • Replay email #1
  • Replay email #2
  • Replay email #3
  • Webinar replay page