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Level 5 Re-engagement emails

Email #1
SUBJECT: Across a table somewhere outside of Alberta, Canada…my life took a turn

I didn’t plan for it.

And the meeting occurred purely out of chance.
Here’s how it went…

Believe it or not, one summer I randomly found myself in Golden, British Columbia.

(I know, right?!)

Little did I know, my future business partner lived in the same town…


I think not…

Anyway, a mutual contact reconnected us, and he invited me to come by for a visit.

I had actually met him years earlier and we kept in touch on the occasional phone call, but it had been a while and we had some catching up to do.

We took a few spins on his four wheelers…

We sipped some bourbon (not at the same time, of course! ☺)…

Eventually, the conversation turned to business. And that’s where things got REALLY interesting. Everything just clicked…

It’s hard to explain…

By the time I headed home, I could see something new opening up in front of my eyes.

An opportunity I could throw my heart and soul into…

I was exhilarated!

What am I talking about?

Well, first I need to backtrack a bit and recap the first half of the story; some of which you know.

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me…but it’s definitely not because I’ve been kicking back on a beach…just stick with me for a minute and I’ll show you how all of this “behind the scene” stuff impacts you.

If you’re reading this email, you know I have been involved with the fitness industry from just about every possible angle.

I’ve grown podcasts (Future of Fitness & Fitness Blitz Radio)…

I built a considerable Slack community for fit pros and gym owners (Fitness Accelerator)…

I developed Certified Course Creation

And I’ve also done a serious amount of 1-on-1 business consulting and have run mastermind groups (Fitness Professional Online).

I truly enjoy what I do and have been lucky enough to make a decent living doing it. All those business ventures are exactly what set the wheels in motion here… Fast-forward back to Canada…

The old friend I got reacquainted with was a guy named Ken Andrukow.

You may have heard of Ken, but if you haven’t, that’s OK. He is from Golden, BC after all. (haha, jk Ken…I know you’re not THAT isolated…)


The more I hung out with Ken…finding out where he was headed…crystalizing where I want to go…and brainstorming ideas…it became clear we had similar aspirations.

(In my next email, you’ll hear more about Ken’s background. It’s good, good stuff)

Now, Ken and I are both pretty good with making decisions about “direction”…so by the end of my visit,
we had the foundation of a little juggernaut called Level 5 Mentors.

We’ve hammered out what I think is a completely unique way of helping entrepreneurs across multiple industries grow a business that not only provides life-changing revenue, but freedom as well…freedom at multiple levels (5 to be exact).

Pretty cool stuff.

You’ll be hearing a lot more about Level 5 over the coming weeks, but I thought it was important to reconnect with you via this update…

I’ll end this email here, but I’m super excited to introduce you to Ken and Level 5 Mentors. Be sure to watch for my next email…

Committed to your freedom,


P.S. If you have ZERO interest in hearing how Level 5 Mentors can help you move forward in both your business and your mindset, then we do not want to bug you.

No worries.

Please unsubscribe now and you’ll no longer be exposed to my unbridled enthusiasm. ☺

Email #2
SUBJECT: Do you know this guy? Maybe it’s time you did…

Hey <first name>,

In my last email I gave you a little background about where I’ve been hiding myself for the past few months.

Along the way, a series of fortunate events fell into place… Networks meshed.

Serendipity ensued.

The result was Level 5 Mentors.

We consider this to be a brand new way of doing things…(more on that later).

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Ken Andrukow.

If you’re involved with some very specific franchises/licensees in North America, you may already know Ken.

(I can’t even mention these names at this confidential point…let’s just say you’re VERY familiar with them!)

And because most of us reading this are in the fitness industry, you’ll appreciate one of Ken’s earliest accomplishments.

He was the guy who rolled out the “New You Challenge”. Remember that?

This is “The Challenge” thousands of gym owners across North America used BEFORE everyone and their brother decided that challenges are cool.

The numbers they produced were insane. “But wait…there’s more!”

Ken has also:

  • Grown an 8 figure corporate wellness company in less than 3 years
  • Lead a private equity company to > 20% returns
  • Built a graphics company from zero to 5 million in 2 years…and then sold it to Canada’s largest printer
  • Built and sold another company to Sony pictures
  • Owns Reebok CrossFit Ramsay in Calgary…simply for his love of fitness…to over 300 members

You smell that?

That’s called consistent success.

So, now you know why I was eager to partner with Ken.

I’m not going to stretch this email out too much, but now you know the background.

Hopefully you see why this company has my undivided attention.

In my next email, I want to spell out the key concepts behind Level 5 Mentors…You’re going to see just how different business coaching can be.


Don’t miss my next email.

It will be eye-opening!


Committed to your freedom,

Eric “controlling my own destiny” Malzone

P.S. Remember, if hearing about business freedom is NOT your thing, just let me know by unsubscribing. The last thing we want to do is clutter your inbox with unwanted sound advice and content…

(Do I detect sarcasm? Lil bit…)

“Our story-driven email sequences pull readers into your story and position you as THE authority in your niche, especially when used as an integral part of your sales process (funnel).”

Email #3
SUBJECT: **BLINK** Then this happened…

Hello my friend,

If you own your own business, you are going to undoubtedly relate to this email…

In my previous emails, I recapped what I’ve been up to professionally, and introduced you to my new business partner, Ken Andrukow.

Then I made a bold statement…

I explained that fortune played a positive role in my world and BANG, just like that…all my past experiences, as well as Ken’s, came together to form a new type of Coaching program.

Something that comes at business coaching from a very different angle…

It’s called Level 5 Mentors.


What makes me believe it’s unique?

Let me further explain…

First, I’m sure you’ll recognize one or more of these issues if you own a business…

  • You simply cannot scale because everything revolves around you
  • You’ve hit a ceiling with your income
  •  You’re not 100% sure why you’re not progressing
  •  You enjoy what you do but feel “stuck”
  •  You’re succeeding in some areas of your life but missing out in others
  •  You feel like you could be “firing on more cylinders” but aren’t quite sure how to do it

All of us have felt like this at some point in our careers. Am I right?

The answers to these issues go well beyond the numbers.

Heck, if winning at business was just about the numbers, your accountant would be the answer to all your worries.

But we know that’s not the case…

We’ve boiled success–I mean REAL success–down to these 5 Entrepreneurial Freedoms®






Question: If you were crushing it in these 5 areas, you’d be pretty damn happy, wouldn’t you?

(He asked rhetorically)

Of course!

That’s the short version of what we do…

We make sure your success is NOT just about numbers! Of course we realize that numbers matter, and we’ll make sure that works as well.

I’d like to invite you to get a better sense of what we’re about by checking out our content…see if what we do resonates with you and helps you get some clarity.

We know it will.

Begin by checking out our blog. You can find it here (link to blog)

Committed to your freedom,


P.S. If you like what you’re reading and want to talk, that’s great. Let’s get on the phone and talk specifically about your situation. At the very least, you’ll come away with some invaluable clarity.

Make sense?

There’s ZERO obligation here. So why not…

You can schedule a Consultation Call by clicking here: 

Email #4
SUBJECT: I need to clear this up…[apology alert]

Hey first name,

I won’t take a lot of your time today…

But I needed to clarify something.

I may have given you the incorrect impression that Level 5 Mentors was just getting off the ground.

Not exactly.

We’re working with clients across multiple industries as you read this…and we’ve been doing this for a while now. Ken and I didn’t just meet last week and decide to slap something together.


The philosophy I described to you in my last email has been tested and retested. Refined and tweaked for a LONG time in order to reach its present form.

Sorry if I implied otherwise…

Allow me to give you an example:

Dr. Sean Pastuch was stuck.

His primary service was doing well, but like a lot of people, he KNEW he was leaving money on the table, and felt like he was spinning his wheels.

He wasn’t happy about where he was personally or professionally. (Sound familiar?) Spending too much time on his business with too little ROI.

What’s worse…he had no clue what to do about it!

Enter Level 5 Mentors…

We answered the tough questions. Walked through what REALLY mattered to Sean. In the end, we essentially revamped HOW his service was positioned and delivered.

6 months later, he’s generated an additional $250,000.

Let’s be clear with that number.

That’s not total revenue.

That’s IN ADDITION to what he was already making, BEFORE we started working with him.

Now, I can’t explain our entire process in one email. And Sean is not some isolated case we’re holding up for the world to see. He busted his butt to get there. But guess what? He was already busting his butt!

We just made sure he was doing so with clarity and purpose; that he was expending his efforts on the right things in his world.

We got him unstuck.

I’m just saying…our approach works.

Today, his world is completely changed and he’s told us he’s NEVER leaving our program. Now THAT’S the type of freedom I’m trying to tell you about.

If you’d like to have that conversation about you and your situation, let’s talk.

It starts with a call.


If you’d like to see how we can help you, just click the button and we’ll get started. Committed to your freedom,

Eric & Ken

P.S. WAIT! One thing to consider before you set up a call…

This program is NOT for everyone.

If you’re a newbie looking to start a new business. We’re probably not for you. So here’s another clarification…

We help established businesses gain clarity and get back on a true growth trajectory. We are NOT a business incubator, we’re not angel investors, and we’re not here to guide companies through their initial launch.

Just being honest here.

But, if you’ve been in business for a while – like Dr. Sean Pastuch was – and you KNOW you’re not dialed in like you should be, especially in the 5 areas mentioned above, by all means, let’s talk ASAP…

“Your marketing message should grab your potential customer by the eyeballs.”

Email #5
SUBJECT: Did you build your own trap?

Hi firstname,

Are you guilty of building your own trap?

You had an idea.

You have the passion to make it real.

You started your own business.

You officially became an entrepreneur!

But something’s wrong…

It isn’t at all what you thought it would be.

What you thought was going to be your key to freedom, turned out to be the exact opposite. No time.

So-so returns for all that work.

No viable plan for growth.

And the scariest one?

No exit strategy.

Now THAT’S a trap…a trap of your own design.

I’m not saying that reading a blog or two is going to change all that.

Escaping your trap will take time.

Redesigning your “freedom vehicle” won’t be easy…

But it is possible.

I’ve got something I’d like you to check out. Level 5 Mentors has started a blog that addresses the EXACT mindset I’ve presented here.

Topics include Clarity, Freedom (in all its forms), Your Direction, and a lot more.

It’s our way of introducing you to our mindset, and to the unique way we approach business, as a tool working FOR you, not AGAINST you.

You can check it out here: (INSERT LINK)

Committed to your freedom,


P.S. I fully understand that not everyone reading this is in the same place. Some of you are doing great, others…not so much.

That’s business.

If you woke up today with a nagging hint of struggle or stress about where you and your business stand, maybe we should talk.

Sometimes just verbalizing the issues helps. Other times, a sound plan and some desperately needed clarity can take the load off your mind.

Give it a try…no cost.

Just us talking about you, and what’s next.

Facebook Ad Copy 

Checklist #1 Married – Professional

Married – Professional

“I couldn’t believe what I saw looking back at me…”

When I first met Lisa, I knew she was someone who commanded immediate respect.

You know the type…efficient, a hint of stress, always on her way to or from a meeting.

And she was successful.

She ran her own very busy pediatric medicine practice.

She was not someone who wasted much time during the day…

I hadn’t spoken to her in years, so it was great to catch up again.

When I asked her why she called, her demeanor changed completely.

She looked me square in the eye

“I can’t even recognize myself anymore. I needed some new clothes, I went to the store and tried on some dresses in my usual size….” She paused.

“And…?” I asked.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw looking back at me…I was disgusted!”

I could hear the embarrassment in her voice.

I knew exactly where the conversation was going from there…

Like a gazillion other people in the country—male and female – Lisa let life push her own health to the back burner.

EVERYONE and EVERYTHING else came first. She had become a walking cliché!
No time…
Stressed out…

A long list of endless obligations…
Now, at age 55, she had hit that crisis point and was looking for a place to start.

The last straw was when her doctor told her that her blood pressure was too high, and her BMI said she was in the dreaded “O” range!

That was it. No more.

“Am I too old to get this under control again?” she asked. “Absolutely not!”

I told her.
Here’s where we start….
I laid out a plan with her right there over lunch.

The nutrition changes

The daily routine

Even the super-efficient workouts that would fit into her schedule.

I walked through the example of one of my “superstar” clients who stayed consistent and was now EXACTLY where Lisa wanted to be.

Boundless energy…
Improved endurance and stronger muscles…
And a physique—and attitude– that drew attention…
I watched the stress melt away from her face. “When can we start?” she asked. “We already have…”

My name is Art McDermott.

You can’t get started without knowing where you are. Right?
Download my new “Over 45 Metabolism Checklist” and make yourself a priority again!


Checklist #2 Dad Bod

When “dad bods” roamed the Earth…

We’ve all seen the claim floating around out there that woman are attracted to what’s called the “dad bod”…

I love helping people change their lives, but was fed up with seeing people in my age group give up on themselves for the same reasons over and over again.

So I created a simple checklist that helps people completely turn their metabolisms around, regain their health and re-discover the body they thought was long gone.

The theory is that, if a guy has this somewhat out of shape physique, it’s cool because he must be too busy making money to go to the gym or eat right….

(Why do I feel like this was created by an out of shape dad?)

Reality check…

Most guys out there are eager to get rid of their dad bods, but for whatever reason,can’t do it.

Too little time and too many obligations…

Poor nutrition patterns…

Falling into some negative day-to-day habits…

It turns out, these are pretty much the same things EVERYONE struggles with!

We need to understand something…

The dad bod makes it appearance right around the same time our metabolisms start slowing down.

We have less muscle…

Our “good hormone” levels have plummeted…

Stress levels are at an all-time high…

All this happens in a very sneaky way, until we wake up one morning and there it is.

Like a gazillion other people in the country—male and female – it’s far too easy to let life push their health to the back burner!

It seems like EVERYONE and EVERYTHING else comes first. That needs to change…before we reach crisis level…
What helps is having a starting point.

Make sense?
Here it is…

My name is Art McDermott.

You can’t get started without knowing where you are. Right?

I loved helping people change their lives, but was fed up with seeing people in my age group give up on themselves for the same reasons over and over again.

So I created a simple checklist that helps people completely turn their metabolisms around, regain their

health and re-discover the body they thought was long gone.

So whether or not it’s a “dad bod” or just that slow steady weight gain, reigniting your metabolism is

Step No. 1.

Download my new “Over 45 Metabolism Checklist” and make yourself a priority again!

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