Do your customers know your story?

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In this era, you have about a millisecond to get your prospect’s attention.

And once you get it, it’s nearly impossible to keep it.

But you’re kinda stuck, aren’t you…

You HAVE to promote your business, but it pains you to see all those dollars going out the window…with no concrete evidence any of its working.

  • Is email marketing the solution… or is that dead?
  • Is “local” the way to go… or is that too limited?
  • Do you split your budget between on and offline channels, or choose one and go all in?

It’s all so wildly frustrating.

This is where I tap you on your shoulder, lean in and whisper…

“There’s another way.”

And it’s based upon how we humans are wired. It’s the way we’ve been communicating for millennia upon millennia…

This is the ONLY way history was passed from one generation to the next.

We’re driven to respond to words and images that tell stories.
Nothing’s changed through all those centuries.

This approach appeals to a part of our brain that’s so old, we like to pretend it doesn’t exist…that we’re too advanced, as a species, to pay attention to it…

But the truth is…

We’re driven to respond to words and images that tell stories.

Your story.

A story that gets burned into your prospect’s memory.

Impossible to forget.

Once you reach that point, something magical happens…

You don’t have to “sell” anything. Your clients will insist upon dealing only with you.

So…how well do you tell your story?

Do your prospects know it?

And if you’re open to the idea, I’d like to walk you through this process…at no cost.

Why free?

Because I truly believe that once we hammer out this pivotal step, and you see the return, you’ll be eager to work with us again and again.

Think of it this way…

If your prospects know, like and trust you, do you think your business would grow?


If your potential customers understand your passion at a deep level, do you think that would sway them your way?

Every time!

If they understand the lengths you would go to deliver on your promises, would they go anywhere else?


So relax… no high-pressure sales.

If any of what you’ve read here resonates with you, simply click on the link below to schedule a call.

We look forward to helping you tell your story.

Art McDermott
Founder – WCG Copy


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