Telling your story… profitably

Happy Customers

Ken Andrukow - Founder Level 5 Mentors

“I was referred to Art by a mutual friend when our coaching business was looking for experienced email marketing work. Art crafted a “re-engagement email series” for us that went to a somewhat older email list. The results exceeded our expectations! The result was immediate engagement and several inquires from prospects looking to join our program. His story-based approach really hit home with readers.”

Calgary, Alberta Canada

DG Gutekunst - Founder Defy Aging Solutions

Hello, Art! I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I appreciate all you are doing to help me develop my fitness business.

From marketing strategy to ad copy and marketing materials that resonate with my target market of mature adults, your grasp of the market and seemingly effortless way of getting to the heart of the matter is remarkable.

Frankly, with my extensive sales and marketing experience I initially thought I could do it myself – but now clearly see I would be a fool to do so!…

Also, given my years as a very organized self-starter I didn’t expect it but must somewhat sheepishly admit that the weekly coaching calls also enhance my focus and follow through.

And your passion really comes through, Art, always being eager to help, including the extra calls, emails and content you have so graciously provided – value far exceeding my investment

… in your coaching program.

My favorite definition of a professional is:  “Someone who gives you more of what you want than what you ask for or expect”.  You definitely have lived up to that, Art, which is something I have rarely said over many years.

In any event, I look forward to a long coaching relationship, Art, and thanks again!

Woodland Hills, CA US

Pat Rigsby Founder – Bold Productions

“A well written sales letter or email sequence is one of the highest leverage business growth assets you can have. In fact, I’d attribute the majority of my professional success to 2 or 3 skills, with copywriting being among them. With that in mind, I rarely outsource any of my copywriting…it’s just too important. But recently I decided to lean on Art to write a pair of sales pages for me and the results were outstanding. It’s been said that you’re just one great sales letter away from success…and if you believe that to any extent (I do), then you should reach out to Art today.”

Louisville, KY US 

Nate Stowe Owner – Stowe Training Systems


This is amazing and just what I was hoping for!

Thank you!”

Austin, TX US

Matt Kendrick - MK Health Clubs & Business Coaching

“I was unsure when working with Art if the cultural differences between US and UK would be an issue. I know Art creates outstanding copy but the team and myself were genuinely surprised at just how much he “nailed it”. I will be using Art going forward, Fantastic!!.”

Shirley, Solihull UK